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Attention rides!! Let’s go to help with valid information to @caferacerdreams in this horrible moment… Good luck 🙏💪 . . . WE’VE BEEN STOLEN. Last night 8/2 someone came into our garage located in Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid, Spain and took with them a total of 8 CRD bikes and a red Porsche 356. The whole team is in disbelief. We are asking for your help in this search. Any valid information will be HIGHLY REWARDED. Please make sure to contact us through DM if you know anything. These are bikes that were built uniquely and on the way to clients, so they are easy to identify. Please tag as many people as you can and repost to help us go viral. CRD is committed to getting them back and finding the people behind this. Thank you so much in advance from the whole team. (Link in bio) • NOS HAN ROBADO Ayer día 8 de Febrero alguien entró en nuestro taller de Paracuellos del Jarama, provincia de Madrid, y robó 8 motos y un Porsche 356. Todavía no nos podemos creer que haya sucedido esto.Pedimos vuestra colaboración para solucionarlo. Se recompensará cualquier tipo de información que nos pueda ayudar. Por favor mandadnos un mensaje privado o un email si sabéis algo.Estas motos son únicas y fácilmente identificables. Ayudadnos a que esta noticia se vuelva viral compartiendo y etiquetando al mayor número posible de personas.Todo el equipo de CRD está decidido a recuperarlas y a encontrar a quien ha hecho esto. Os agradecemos enormemente vuestra colaboración. (Link en bio

from @caferacersoul_rd The most dangerous risk of all. The risk of spending your life not doing what you want. Pic 📸@ronaldcandelier

By @banditgarageportugal Whatever good things we build end up building us! 👊 BMW R80 #18 by Bandit Garage#caferacer

By @banditgarageportugal – Just ride! Bmw R100 by Bandit Garage Photo credit: @joaocarlosphoto

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